Witch Way Series

The Witch Way series of books follows our reluctant heroine, Elizabeth, through her adventures with her eclectic family members.

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Witch Way … for me?

Elizabeth is angry, and she needs someone to blame.  One fateful night, she is followed home by three men.  In her rage she lashes out at them and is devastated by the apparent supernatural power she possesses.  Not knowing if she is going mad, hallucinating or if she has, indeed, taken the life of the three men she decides to listen to her mother.  She moves to Scotland to take a job in a shop offering herbal remedies.  Working for friends of her mother it doesn’t take Elizabeth long to realise that there is something not quite right about these women.  That these women are, in fact, witches and that they need Elizabeth to help them stop a malevolent evil from entering their world.

Elizabeth must find the strength to accompany these women on an adventure of a lifetime.  To fulfil her true potential she has to look deep within her soul for long forgotten memories and a power she never knew she had.  Elizabeth has to ask herself the question – witch way for me?

Available from Amazon UK (paperback and Kindle versions) & Blurb (paperback and PDF versions).  See a preview here.


Witch Way … for us?

Elizabeth is back in the real world, but it is a world she is no longer familiar with.  Shiona, Daphne and Elizabeth cling to each other for comfort after their adventures in Branko but they know they must learn to live again.

Elizabeth encourages the women to take a well deserved break travelling along the Trans Siberian Railway.  But Elizabeth looses track of them the moment they enter Russia.  Panicked and alone, she searches for the women only to find desolation and a frozen wasteland.

Will she ever find Shiona and Daphne again?  Will her mother help her with the search?  Will she come face to face with another evil enemy that threatens to destroy the world?

Available from Amazon UK (paperback and Kindle versions) & Blurb (paperback and PDF versions).  See a preview here.

Witch Way … for him?

Elizabeth is day-dreaming or dreaming of a day. She is skating on the ice with a beautiful stranger. Is it a dream or is it a memory? She does not know. What she does know is that she has returned from her adventures in Russia with an unusual friend – the Angel of Death. And he is becoming more and more human.

Available from Amazon UK (paperback and Kindle versions) & Blurb (paperback and PDF versions).  See a preview here.


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Witch Way … for them?

Gladys is frantic. Elizabeth has disappeared. She left a note saying she wanted to put everything right. And that was the last the witches heard from her. But Elizabeth has washed up on the shores of a strange land, where angels walk hand in hand with human beings and witches are the stuff of folklore. In her desire to set things right in her own world, Elizabeth has put into motion a chain of events that has caused a terrible tragedy in this new world. Elizabeth must find these elusive witches to help get herself home and to put right a terrible wrong.