Tree Dragon Series

Penned under Alex Oliviere-Davies and with her son Freddie Oliviere-Davies, The Tree Dragon Series follows a group of friends and their magical dragon in their adventures and battles against magical foes.

The Tree Dragon

At the heart of a magical forest an innocent dragon lay sleeping. He has been wrongfully imprisoned by a pair of vengeful enchantresses and it takes two young friends to free him. For Dray is no longer a beautiful beast of the air, he is now a tree dragon and he wants to be real again.

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The Tree Dragon and the Bonfire Knight

Dray is a dragon, a tree dragon. But he longs to be real. A few good deeds with his friends, Mary and George, will help him transform back into a magnificent beast of the air once again. But in the depths of Dranning forest they stumble upon a foul plot to drain the world of magic. This time, will the good deed be too deadly for the tree dragon?

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The Tree Dragon and the Blood Moon

The wintry woodland is bare. There are very few places for the Tree Dragon to hide. But hide he must, as a brand-new attraction is about to open at the heart of Dranning forest. Will everything go to plan for The Christmas Kingdom? Or will double trouble, in the form of a pair of malicious twins, thwart the opening of the new theme park and destroy the Tree Dragon altogether?

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