Witch Way…
… for me?

Witch Way... ...for me 6-9_ Cover.inddElizabeth is angry, and she needs someone to blame. One fateful night, she is followed home by three men. In her rage she lashes out at them and is devastated by the apparent supernatural power she possesses and the sickening sight of their fallen bodies. However as the days tick by she hears nothing about the incident. Putting it down to stress and exhaustion she decides to make major changes in her life. After taking advice from her mother she moves to Scotland to take a job in a shop offering herbal remedies, working for friends of her mother that Elizabeth has never met or ever heard of. But it doesn’t take long for Elizabeth to figure out that these women, including her mother, are not what she thought they were. Elizabeth must find the strength to accompany these women on an adventure of a lifetime. To fulfil her true potential she has to look deep within her soul for long forgotten memories and a power she never knew she had.

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