About Rosie B. Davies

IMG_5608 velv-50abcdMy name is Rosie B. Davies and I am the author of the Witch Way books.  I would love to share with you what inspired me to write about the adventures of Elizabeth and the other witches.

When I was about 6 years old I started drawing pictures of a little girl who lived in a house with lots of rooms.  I would take a plain A4 sheet of landscape paper and draw a room on it.  A bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, they were all there, and then I would assemble them all on the floor.  This was my own, very modest version of a doll’s house!  Nothing particularly plush but I loved drawing, and it didn’t occur to me that we were too poor to actually buy a doll’s house!  Once the house was drawn, out came the index cards.  The small cards that people usually use to write prompts for speeches or revision notes on.  And on the back of these cards, the blank side, I drew a little girl.  In fact I drew the same little girl over and over again in different outfits – I do love clothes!  And her life and her stories started to emerge from my imagination.  Oh, I forgot to mention one detail, because it really was only a minor detail to the rest of her life, she was also a witch and the bottom most room of the make-shift doll’s house was a basement full of everything a witch could possibly need.  A cauldron and a broomstick, a cat and potions – it was full to bursting with witchy knick-knacks!

I don’t remember the little witch’s name but I know she was my first incarnation of Elizabeth from the Witch Way stories.

Fast forward to 1997 when I lived in London and the beginnings of Elizabeth’s story started to formulate in my head.  Then in 2010 I began to write “This is me…” the first draft of the novel that later became “Witch Way…for me?” and it was clear early on that there were going to be 5 novels in the Witch Way series.

When you start to read the books I hope you’ll pick out another level to Elizabeth, Daphne and Shiona.  I hope you realise they are strong women, flawed and sometimes annoying women, but strong women nonetheless.  I hope you see Elizabeth’s journey is more than just one of magical adventure, but that it’s also a journey of accountability and Elizabeth has a lot to learn.  But mostly I hope you enjoy these characters and love them as much as I’ve come to love them.  Remember “every good friend starts as a stranger.”